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Oct. 15th, 2009 @ 03:55 pm 4pm Thursday

My dear Saffy

- what are you doing?

Why aren't you playing with the other children today?
Is it because you can feel your mind escaping?

You want to take a nap but you can't sleep.

honey - you might never awake?

You know this.
Who are you tomorrow. - fear are for people in charge. fear are for perfection.

Enjoy this while you can. next week

you need to straighten out - be the man 


Next week my dear Saffy - you won't be mine I love you but you hate too much.


Lady Safika Duke.
Carmen Sandiago
Sep. 9th, 2009 @ 09:04 am random
What the hell am I going to do now?
Lady Safika Duke.
Carmen Sandiago
Apr. 9th, 2009 @ 04:57 pm Saf2009model
So I have updated Facebook to the ultimate and I'm still frikin bored. Let have a look at little L-J-ey. I haven't updated here on a while.

Lets have a look at Saffies life at this present moment.

She's sitting in an office overlooking the river and St Georges Tce. Level 12 I might add - London House to be specific. Very pretty. She looks pretty. Shes wearing the hottest suit she's got, little gothic boots, her watch from France.

Her office is set up as a classroom in which she is the teacher. She is a Vocational Trainer and Private TAFE lecturer. She has around 20 students a day who come to listen and take advice from her.

This is fun...

She is currently SMSing Sara. Sara is the chick she's dating. Sara is awesome. She's 26 and works as a scientist on Telfer Mine. She is the most romantic, charming, funny, gourgeous girl Saffy has ever met. Do you get the idea?
Saffy misses her. Sara just started her 2 week shift away from perth. Sara sent flowers to Safs office before she flew out. Big flowers. No one has ever done that before. Saffy was so overwhelmed. I really did have one of the best weekends of my life. Don't tell Sara that. :D

If saf can help it - Sara might be around for a while ;)

Ok enough about my stupid intense crushing ability.

Saffy has 2 best friends. Chrystal and Sheyne. They know everything. And they still love me.

Saffy has her Certificate IV in OHS and Training & Assessment. She is also studying
- Finance
- Customer Contact
- Retail Operations

so she can teach them better.

Oooo Sara is calling - bye!
Lady Safika Duke.
Carmen Sandiago
Feb. 27th, 2009 @ 11:14 am Garbage - not my idea
You thought I was a little girl, you thought I was a little mouse, you thought you would take me by surprise, now I am here burning down your house
this is not my idea of a good time.
Lady Safika Duke.
Carmen Sandiago
Dec. 20th, 2008 @ 03:34 pm random
All Saf needs for a month in wintery Europe to look pretty and survive happily is 13kgs. Beat that!

hahah happy.
5 sleeps to go. Ima hungry.

what do I want for christmas?
-dvd series
Lady Safika Duke.
Carmen Sandiago
Dec. 12th, 2008 @ 11:13 pm I miss Bentley
Lady Safika Duke.
Carmen Sandiago
Dec. 10th, 2008 @ 04:54 pm aaaaand sleep. *pats head*
Goooooood Morning.

Yes its almost 5pm on the rocket clock but since I have being doing insane hours on night shift this week (11pm - 7am), I'm sticking with it being morning.

I can NOT belive its frikin December.

16 days until EUROPE! (coooooontiki) (i apologise to anyone who read racism in my spelling) (actually i dont)
15 days until CHRISTMAS
6 days until WORK FINISHES

TONIGHT - I SHOULD be going out, but if I keep making friends (KY) with liars - I should really expect to not. I need more party people to assist me in alcohol consumption. Any volunteers?

On the weekend Sheyne and I watch all 3 seasons of Black Books along with the drinking game rule of having a shot everytime Bernard Black sells a book. 2 SHOTS IN THE WHOLE 3RD SEASON. Good effort Mr Black. :D
Lady Safika Duke.
Carmen Sandiago
Dec. 1st, 2008 @ 09:22 pm brain goes squish
I fucking hate you. ifeelsick

I need to hug/punch someone.

25 days to Contiki
Lady Safika Duke.
Carmen Sandiago
Nov. 30th, 2008 @ 08:55 pm random
wow awesome weekend. :D
I went out Friday after work with Sheyne, then Saturday watched Clerks II and then went out to the Court (best music) in which resulted in some chick jumping me and hanging out all night. Today went shopping to start packing for Contiki (3.5 weeks!!!) and hanging out with Robbi. We ended up watching Imagine Me and You (i love that movie, it makes you feel like your in love for the whole film).
*sigh* I love all this shit.
back to work tomorrow. Early shifts this week but late shifts for the weekend :D I can't wait till the 17th! Thats when I finish work for the holidays.

P.s. I hate living at home - total bullshit. Lucky I work most of the time.
Lady Safika Duke.
Carmen Sandiago
Nov. 27th, 2008 @ 11:48 pm JUST to be CLEAR
Just to be clear:


How is this hard to comprehend?

Single once again. This is just getting stupid. I laugh at my own life as if I'm someone else watching. Why not? Who knows what I will or feel next. Haha maybe I am not better - but I'm much more interesting this way!

Hello, cruel world!

"...checking in sir?"

Lol my job is fucking hillarious.
I spent my shift:
- parking cars in colour order to make a rainbow
- breaking 3 pens in my attempt to create a super pen
- stealing a bread role off a room-service tray
- room 120 (just in its self is super-ly-waste-of-time awesomeness)
- making jokes with mei who laughs at anything
- throwing a tantrum at my very kind manager
- staying an extra half an hour to talk about sex with Nicky (who is getting some saturday from her fiance she hasn't seen in 9 months)
- illegaling validating car parking vouchers
- smsing sheyne about the weekend
- singing womaniser
- hiding in the store room (when anyone comes in I pretend to count things)
Lady Safika Duke.
Carmen Sandiago